The blog that started it all…

Here lies my very first blog about my very first day of college. This blog started my gnack for writing and my love of blogging. So here it is.

I woke up suddenly and looked out the window and decided judging by how bright it was outside that it could not be 7:00 A.M. Me and my roommate had planned to get up early and grab a nice breakfast together, but no it was 8:20 and college had begun. We had 40 minutes to get up, get ready, grab our shit and run to class. Did i mention we live at the bottom of a hill?

I realized that I accidentally set my alarm clock for 9 am not 7 am (this i will not mention to my roommate as she thinks we had “technical difficulties”). Thank goodness I have mastered the art of getting ready in 20 min this summer. Soon enough we were out the door and even made it to class 5 min early.

 Math, our first class, was super intimidating and I wasn’t expecting to take notes the first day, but yup it happened. Welcome to college, where the first day of school is no longer filled with welcomes and ice breaker games to meet the class. Oh how I used to hate those games, yet now I yearn for them.

In between my 1st and 2nd class I had a break but my roomie didn’t so we parted ways 5 min later I got a text. “Definitely in the wrong class I’m an hour early too.” So I told her to come home but she replied “:) I like it I think I will stay.” So my roommate stayed to listen to a lecture for a class she wasn’t even in. 

I think I am going to like college.


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