The 3 P’s of Blogging

This semester I was given the luxury of having a deadline for my personal blog. Any blogger knows the most difficult part about blogging is the 3 P’s: Persistence, Patience and Punctuality. Blogging is a learn-by-experience kind of skill and my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media has really helped me utilize all my resources to make a better blog.

Here’s some things to keep in mind for baby bloggers who need some tips on building a blog.

1.) Use other platforms to promote your blog.

My most popular day was April 17th, 2016 with 70 views. I used the big three to promote my post and it payed off immensely. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the big three, each has its own strategy to gaining media attention. Instagram was the most successful out of these three, and for very obvious reasons. The key is posting a attention grabbing photo and an ambiguous caption that will leave your followers saying, “what is she even talking about.” Intrigue and confuse your followers, and always leave them wanting more. A good book that teaches the art of social media strategy is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to tell your story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vanerchuk.

2.) Find out what doesn’t work for your blog

Twitter did not really gain any attraction for my blog, and I really never grasped a strategy for the platform. I found that using this platform was kind of a waste where as Facebook and Instagram I could craft a message that reached my followers a lot easier than through Twitter.

3.) Constantly think of ways to improve your blog

Content is key, produce interesting stuff and people will read it. I would love to gain a bigger following with my blog. I know my audience is selective and my topic is broad, so I see a lot of potential with this blog. I think including video into some posts could be interesting and beneficial.

4.) Start blogging

This experience of having a blog project this entire semester has taught me to set a goal and a time period for it. I wanted to create one blog a week and I have stuck with it. Persistence is hard, but it is what every blogger must have in order to be successful. This experience has also taught me to be strategic with timing. Timing is everything.

5.) Take the experience from blogging and apply it to your every day life.

Bloggers are creators, creators are entrepreneurs, and having courage to create is something I want to keep with me my entire life. I know one day I will have to have a job that pays the bills, but no matter I want to constantly be creating. Creativity is an outlet that takes form in many different mediums, and it a blessing to be able to find happiness in doing something completely for yourself.

I am working on another blog that focuses on travel, and eventually I want to work on another that focuses on current events. I will take what I have learned here from this blog and apply it to my future projects.

6.) Understand your statistics

Use the statistics WordPress allows to review your best’s. For example, I know that my best week was from Aprwordpressil 11th to the 17th. That week alone I had 73 views and 54 visitors, all because of a single post. My post entitled ‘Hello College meet my Committed Relationship received 70 views in one day. As I have previously explained this was largely due to my promotion of it through my Instagram. I must reiterate the importance of a good picture, and a confusing caption that makes people want to know more. The only surprising statistic was the time of day that people viewed my blog, which was most popular at 1 A.M.


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