Adult Slumber Parties

Sleepovers: Where you spend the night at a friends house, usually girls, aged 9-late teens. Though boys have sleepovers but they call it “spending the night” at someones house. Has absolutely nothing to do with any sexual activities. -Urban Dictionary

Slumber parties are the essence of adolescence. Having slumbered at many parties, I have gained extensive insight at my ripe age of 19 years old. Slumber parties are all about key concepts. For example, it’s a party meant to bond the people in attendance. Perhaps a “secret circle” will be in order and thus begins the connection of pre-pubescent souls.

This strange ritual that is a slumber party changes in adulthood. The key concepts are still the same but certain methods differ. Here are a few things adults should know about the differences between slumber parties when you were adolescents and slumber parties in adulthood.

1.) You will need alcohol and lots of it.

alcohol gif

In adult slumber parties you are still sharing secrets, but the talking stick becomes a bottle of tequila. As adults we have a thicker wall up and we peel that wall back shot for shot.

2.) The secrets will be juicier, like a lot juicier.

ate my twin in the womb

That one prude friend you had in high school used to go on and on about her sketch-meister “relationship” with the guy she met through Myspace. Now she’s the most experienced out of all of you and she’s teaching you how to make a gag toy out of pair of socks. It’s always the quiet ones people.

3.) The movies choices change.

You may be able to order rated-R movies, but lets face it movies at sleepovers are meant to be background noise. No one is actually paying attention to it.

4.) Instead of ordering pizza, you make it instead.

cooking gif

Then you fuck up and end up ordering pizza anyway.

5.) Game changers.

pinterest fail

Now all of the games require alcohol. For example try playing this game, go through the crafting section of Pinterest. For everything you pin on Pinterest you must take a shot. This is especially fun after when you try to actually craft the thing you pinned.

6.) There are still no pillow fights

pillow fight

I’ve actually tried to start a few and it has yet to catch on. For some reason no one wants to savagely beat each other with a pillowcase.

7.) People don’t really spend the night

Unless its on accident because you had the talking stick (I mean tequila bottle) all night. As people age the will to sleep on someone else’s couch/ floor is less and less. Usually everyone winds up parting ways at the end of the night, which yes this does sound a little depressing. But, who wants to awkwardly wait for everyone to leave the next morning? There is always that one person who sleeps until 3 in the afternoon.

Final photo
Besties and a bed.

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