5 Things that didn’t change from dorm to apartment

Sophomore year, it is a year of former fishies scrambling to find a living quarters. It is a year of finally upgrading from campus dorms to spacious apartments. Hallelujah. Also, word of the wise, there is a website called Rate My Apartment that will rate any student housing. I highly recommend this for amateur apartment owners. While there are many different things about living in dorms as compared to living in a apartment, there are a few things I’ve noticed that have stayed the same.

For example:

1.) I see my roommate just as often. People warned me that since apartments have doors, (and ones that can lock) my roommate and I would not hangout or see each other as much. In our dorm we were forced to constantly be around each other due to a lack of a physical barrier. I didn’t mind at all. We did and still do get along great, but now she just threatens to lock me out of her room sometimes. We still see each other just as much, and we still have dance parties. Beyonce’s Love on Top, party of two please.

dance gif

2.) Just because you now have a kitchen doesn’t mean you use it. This only applies to people who are lazy, and too tired to cook anything that doesn’t require heating up in the microwave (minute rice doesn’t count people). These people are like me. In the dorm I heavily relied on ramen noodles to defeat my hunger. I even came up with some creative ramen recipes. All including questionable amounts of Sriracha. Sriracha is the best household product known to mankind. This is a fact, not opinion. In the summer I day dreamed about cooking these super healthy vegan friendly meals and meal planning on Sundays, and I did that…..for the first week and then syllabus week ended. Once again I continue to survive off of noodles and frozen foods; the only difference now is that I don’t have to put pants on and walk down the long cold hallway to use the community microwaves we had in the dorms. There is so much wrong with those two words: community – microwave.

cooking gif

3.) Neighbors are still loud. My neighbors freshman year consisted of a hipster ukulele playing chick and a artist who laughed like a howler monkey. The hipster chick seemed to plan her ukulele practice at the same time of my studying. And as for the howler monkey…well she seemed to find things most humorous at the wee hours of the night or maybe she wanted to just howl at the moon or something, I am indifferent. Our neighbors above us in the apartment now are louder than our ones last year. We are unaware of how exactly they make so much noise. I think they constantly move furniture while Allie believes they are playing soccer. Kenny, my other roommie, claims they are actually elephants living above us and management is unaware.

elephant gif

4.) We (emphasis on WE) still cannot own plants. Pretty self explanatory neither I nor Allison have a green thumb even in the slightest. We killed flowers in our dorm room and that didn’t change when we moved to an apartment. Allie purchased a 15$ plant from the farmers market to “use while we cook” which she really means “use to season her spaghetti Os” anyway she instantly forgot about the poor thing. Its remains lay on our porch.

plant gif

5.) Those freaking trains. It doesn’t matter where you are in San Marcos, TX. A train will soon be near to make you late for something. The excessive amounts of horns woke me up in my cot in the dorm, and it continues to do so in my bed in the apartment. Im afraid I will never be able to escape them.

train gif

While some things are still the same about apartment life and dorm life I am still so happy to have my own room now; regardless, I would not give up my year spent in the campus dorms for anything.

Living room + Kenny

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