5 Times Registering for Classes Made You Say WTF.

registration pics

Oh Registration day, aka Black Friday for college students. It is arguably the most stressful day all semester. As much as we prepare for the madness, the results of registration are always ambiguous until it’s all done and over. Come that dark day (literally because you have to wake up before the sun is even out to register) it is a war out there and you must prepare for battle. Here are 5 times registering for classes probably made you drop a few F-bombs.

1.) Making advising appointments

The best strategy to making registration your bitch is preparation, preparation, preparation. One tool for doing so is making appointments, with trusted advisors, that help you find the actual classes you need to take. However, some advisors regurgitate information that isn’t actually helpful and sometimes doesn’t even apply to you. They see so many student’s every single day and their level of shits given dwindles down at a exponential rate. While you may walk into your appointment feeling like you have your deck of cards shuffled neatly, your advisor may make you walk out feeling like your life is a game of  52-card pick up.

2.) Waking up at the crack of dawn

For some the worst part of registration is setting your alarm clock for the dreaded 5:30 a.m. The thought of waking up before the sun is even out makes you question whether this whole college thing is really for you.

3.) Server Crashing

This is the most frustrating of them all. Let’s say you’ve prepared yourself. You’ve been to advising, you’ve spent hours reviewing potential professors on Rate My Professor and you have your schedule ready to go. Now you’re just waiting patiently until 6 a.m. rolls around, so you can make your strike. But plot twist, as soon as that clock hits 6 a.m. everyone logs on at the same time and your computer crashes. For example, the device my roommate calls her laptop (which most of the time she uses as a coaster) immediately crashed on her while registering. Atleast you get a polite message from your computer screen apologizing for the inconvenience right?

4.) When you don’t get into all your classes you need

registration pic 2

Let’s say your wifi is slow or you just have really poor motor function at 6 in the morning; regardless, timing is everything when it comes to registration. Maybe you had to get up and pee at exactly 6 a.m. or you thought it was a genius idea to make coffee beforehand. WRONG. It’s 6:05 a.m. and you realize 3 of the 5 classes you needed to take are full. I hope the coffee was worth it because now you’re only taking 9 hours which means you’re now technically a part-time student. Oh and the cherry on top, one of your 3 classes is an 8 a.m.

5.) Remembering that it is in fact Registration day

Sometimes it is just one of those days where your to-do list is infinite and you have so many things going on that you forget the most important thing you had to do that day. I’m so sorry dear friend, but in the great words of Drake “if you’re reading this it’s too late”. You goofed pal, you goofed big time. Enjoy your third semester as a sophomore.

Said roommate with her coaster, laptop.

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