5 reasons Jenny Lawson is killing the blogging game

All it took was the title, Dear me (and everyone else): Maybe just try not to be such an asshole. for me to fall in love with Jenny Lawson’s blog. Lawson’s blog, The Bloggess, has not only won her followers, but awards as well. I could go on and on about Jenny’s awesomeness, but I will just list the top 5 reasons you need to read her blog, like now.

1.) The refreshing honesty

Every single person on this planet has had some type of struggle with mental health. In a world where we focus on exterior and aesthetics it is so easy to forget that our mental health is just as important if not more important that our physical health. Jenny addresses her struggles with brutal honesty. She brings up real life problems and feelings you have pushed aside, but have certainly thought about.

2.) Pictures people, pictures.

It’s no secret that short visual posts are what is popular right now. Buzzfeed is essentially just a plethora of pictures that make you nostalgic, along with a few sentences of actual content. While Jenny isn’t shy about throwing in pictures or graphics she meets a happy medium of visuals and content. Her entertaining visuals plus witty words are what really do make her the blog goddess.

3.) She’s from Texas

I mean I liked her before, but I feel a even bigger patronage to this woman because she is a fellow Texan. She even lives in Texas hill country, were practically neighbors. Good Hello from San Marcos Jenny! It’s a biased opinion, but hey if y’all are from Texas you would understand.

4.)Her blog has won awards

This is amazing in itself that blogs have come so far that people can win awards for creating content that is completely independent and unfiltered. Blogs have become the reality TV of the writing world and bloggers the internet entrepreneurs of the millennial era. Jenny’s raw honesty has gained her recognition that is changing the blogosphere for good.

5.) The optimism

Everyone has lows in life. Depression and anxiety are universal feelings that uniquely affects each person. Jenny’s vulnerability and underlying optimism connects people to her and it’s how she has such a following. It is amazing the power that one brave voice can have. She writes,

“Many are quiet and act silently and work magic even without knowing that the good they leave behind will grow into something larger.  Those things don’t make the news but we feel them every day…when someone smiles, or cares, or shows us a kindness we think we don’t deserve, or gracefully turns people who are bent toward hate and destruction in a direction a little closer to love.  It’s slow work.  But it’s good work.  Important work.”

Her optimism shines through her blogs and reminds her followers of the importance to laugh your way through the hard parts of life.

If you want to read more of Jenny Lawson’s work get her books (Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things) and (Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir). I know I cannot wait to read my copy.jenny_0

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