Guidelines to Stay-cations

“Stay-cation all I ever wanted” said no one ever. Like most amateur adults money is a little tight sometimes, and by sometimes I mean always. Stay-cations may not be your first choice on how to spend your break, but you’re broke so it is all you can do. Here’s a list of things to do that won’t have you angrily scrolling through Instagram, enviously liking everyones spring break photos.

1.) Put down the cellular device.

Stop, drop, and leave you’re phone at home. Taking time to actually disconnect from the world will leave you relaxed and absent minded of what everyone else is doing (and honestly why should you care) while you’re stay-cationing.

2.) Treat Yo Self

In the true, beautiful words of Donna Meagle. Treat. Yo. Self. Just because you’re saving money by staying home doesn’t mean you should do absolutely nothing. Go get a massage, or finally buy that donut shaped tube you’ve been wanting from Amazon.    

3.) Explore your surroundings

Go geocaching in your own city, I guarantee you will stumble across something you haven’t noticed before. If you’re a muggle and have no idea what I am talking about check out the Geocaching Vlogger on youtube.

4.) Workout

Because, nothing is sexier than feeling confident and toned; besides summer is right around the corner.


Not only does groupon save you money, but it provides a whole new list of things to do in your city. From spa treatments to kayaking, Groupon will not disappoint you staycationers. If you find that spending money on Groupons defeats the purpose of your stay-cation, refer back to number 2 on the list.

Staycationers do not be upset that you had to cancel your road trip to the grand canyon or if you’re the only sister in your sorority not drinking out of a pineapple at Gulf Shores. It sucks that you could not afford to go, but why dwell on the negative when you can go get a perfectly good pineapple at H-E-B? Stop dwelling, and start stay-cationing right. IMG_7695

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