Learning to Adult

Who I be? Good Hello. My name is Taeler Kallmerten. I’m a student, a blogger, a coffee carnosaur and an amateur adult. What do I mean by amateur adult? I mean like most young adults, who have made the move out of the parental’s housing unit, I am incredibly bad at doing adult-like-things. Hence, the term Adulting was born.

What is Adulting ? Urban Dictionary defines the term: to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups (Urban Dictionary). Adulting can be as simple as doing your own laundry for the first time to learning to do your taxes. Learning to adult is something that no one can perfect, not even are parents (insert shocked emoji face).

Why the hell am I writing about this? Transitioning my first year of college was not easy. If I’m being honest here it was the hardest year of my life. I never considered myself an anxious person until I started attending University. To make things more clear my life from the summer of 2014, to the spring of 2015 was one, hot mess. As human nature goes I learned how to deal with stress and anxiety. And how I deal is through two things: humor and writing.

So that is why I chose this as my blog topic. I want to write about situations that people who are transitioning into adulthood can relate to. Serious and humorous scenarios come with Adulting. I believe that one should not take life to

Move in day aka the first day of Adulting. (Me to the left, roommate to the right)

seriously. I truly believe you should not only learn from your mistakes, but laugh at them too. It’s the only way we can learn to adult.

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