Bus Ride Darwinism

IMG_0808Imagine you wake up and oops you have over slept and you have about 15 minutes to gather your belongings for the day, brush your teeth, put on some pants and then you are out the door. You see the appending crowd at the bus stop, and people much like birds circling pacing, waiting for the arrival of the 10:30 AM bus.

The people look like  birds circling their prey from the sky. The bus ride you originally planned to skip due to the excessive amount of homo sapiens is long gone, so you are forced to ride the space lacking bus. The bus is pulling into the complex and people are clustering, forming into one blob and the members of that blob all share a common goal – – to make it onto this bus.

The 10:30 AM bus is not just any bus ride. It is the bus ride of all the people who have over slept, it is the last bus ride that promises being on time to your 11 AM class where yes, attendance is a part of your teachers grading policy. At this point it is survival of the fittest. Perhaps you are a meek specimen who had been at the bus stop waiting for about 15 minutes. You know that it is your right to get a seat on this bus. However, if the aggression to attack the bus once it pulls up is not within you, you like many species won’t survive amongst the rabid students thirsty for punctuality. They are the ones ready to fight you for a spot.

Only these people, these wild eyed students, who will quite frankly not be Tardy for the Party, will prosper.  Finally the bus doors open and the cluster of people rush in hoping for a seat. You see a person who has too much to carry and perhaps you decide to give up your seat to this individual.  WRONG! This is a clever ruse the whole “let me carry and empty box on the bus so people let me sit down” trick. Only the strong willed and mighty realize this and say bye Felicia.

Only the vigorous will make it onto the 10:30 AM bus ride. And only the mighty will get a seat. The ones who don’t are victims to Social Darwinism. It is survival of the fittest on campus bus rides. If you are one of the strong willed you will ride that bus with your head held high, your attendance on time, and praying that a train does not delay you.

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